Joining Speech

My Dear Colleagues,

With God’s grace & my Parents’ blessings, I am here today to address you all, as your new CMD. Govt. in its wisdom appointed me as CMD, HUDCO and I thank the decision-makers. With effect from today, I am shouldering my responsibilities and to begin with, I swear that I shall uphold the idea ls enshrined in our Constitution, by the fore-fathers of our great nation, as I firmly believe that we are all being governed by the Constitution of India. I will work for achieving the mandate of HUDCO, upholding its Memorandum & Article of association in tune with HUDCO’s Vision & Mission.

Leadership position is not new to me and I have been leading for more than 2 decades in some form or the other. You should all understand & remember that I am occupying my position in hudco on competitive & merit basis , not on nomination basis. All successful people in this world have done right action at right time , and I hope all of you will be doing the same in HUDCO to be ‘competent enough to face the competition’.

Roti, Kapada, Makaan – The three basic requirements of human- beings, and the costliest among them is house. We should endeavour to make this costly-component of human-life as an ‘affordable abode’ to all. The ratio of housing loans to GDP in India stands at 7%, the lowest in the world. India is the 7th largest nation in the world, with about 7 lakh villages and we should avoid being only metro-centric or city-centric. We should focus more on small towns & backward villages, especially SC hamlets & tribal habitats.

I worked in a Finance & Development CPSE earlier, and I know that the four pillars of HUDCO are Sanction, Disbursement, Utilization and Recovery and I will focus on each segment, as they are equally important & inter-linked. If required, we should revisit our lending policy to fill the demand-supply gap and to reach every nook & corner of the nation. Due to my IAS back-ground, I know Governance from Panchayat to PMO and I am a grass-root level person, having my roots from a hamlet to national capital, with international exposure. I hope to make use of these strengths for HUDCO.

The National Mission on Sustainable Habitat is one of the 8 missions of National Climate-Change Action Plan, with the aim to make cities sustainable through improvements in all respects, and based on this Mission we can expand HUDCO activities manifold. As a part of our business strategy, we need to enhance participation in implementation of actionable Govt. programmes on Housing & Infrastructure both at Central an d State levels like JNNURM, RAY, etc. On the lines of Planning Commission and in tune with Ministry of HUPA, I will plan well for HUDCO as “Planning is a triumph of hope over reality”.