Urban Housing

Loans for urban housing schemes are provided to housing boards, development authorities, city improvement trusts, municipal corporations, public sector undertakings, state governments and other such organizations for the construction of houses/flats and development serviced plots including site and services, skeletal housing and core housing schemes.

HUDCO encourages the development of serviced plots and part of loan to be given to general public for construction by themselves. These houses/flats/plots are made available to the general public or on outright sale by the agencies concerned depending upon actual demand.

Under urban housing, HUDCO has so far extended assistance for supporting 56.77 lakh residential units.

HUDCO has emerged as a major contributor in the housing sector during the last nearly four decades of its existence. There has been a significant emphasis on housing for the under privileged sections of the society, in HUDCO’s operations. The soft financial terms for EWS and LIG housing include lesser interest rates compared to other income group households, larger extent of the house cost extended as loan assistance, and a longer repayment period.

The various projects being funded by HUDCO under Housing include the following:-

  1. Land Acquisition and Development
  2. Urban/Rural Housing for EWS/ LIG/MIG/ HIG and Other Categories
  3. Staff Rental Housing
  4. Slum rehabilitation/ in-situ development
  5. Repairs and Renewal
  6. Public sector /Private sector Housing Projects
  7. Co-operative Housing Societies both Apex and Primary

As on March 2013, HUDCO does not consider Loan Sanctions to private sector entities, at present